Lao Cai - Those mighty mountains

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On this Lai Chau - Lao Cai journey, I have a chance to challenge and submit the Lao Than peak, an extreme mountain from highland Y Ty, Bat Xat, Lao Cai.


Lai Chau is the last landscape from Northwest Vietnam that I need to conquer. Lai Chau is too large to explore at all in a few days, then I have to choose some special places to visit.


Bamboo waterwheel Ban Bo - The unique structure in Lai Chau, known as a water pump from Muong land. From September on lunar calendar, people from Thai and Muong villages will use this special irrigation system to pump water and supply for rice fields.


Those rolling wheels almost of the year with the particular sound and end their life when flood season. And then till the rice season, villagers will build up new wheel, for new roll, new season.


We are only at Lai Chau in a morning, then we move from Than Uyen to Tam Duong three-way crossroads, prepare to cross the O Quy Ho pas to Sapa. The weather is good to have best moments in there.

Ô Quy Hồ – Một trong tứ đại đỉnh đèo hùng vĩ!


But from Fansipan, there is different, falling in to cloud. This is the second time I visit Fansipan, the first was a sun day and now.. everything in the fog.


Sapa in general or especially Fansipan is not too difficult for people to visit because they have Aerial tramway. Sapa with a lot of roadworks in the way, base on the travel services, being made the disappearance of natural beauty of this high mountain landscape, flooding by the sounds of construction, I just want to run quickly!


This night, we arrive to Thao Nguyen Xanh Homestay, belongs to my brother I known before. We meet each other, having dinner and prepare for our climbing next morning with the porter named A Ho.


From my Homestay, we need to go about 5km to the start point. What a terrible way because the sloping way and a lot of rocks, but we finally arrive to the checkpoint. And now, ready for our climbing!

From 2860m, on Y Ty village, Bat Xat town, Lao Cai province, this is one of the natural mountain has explored a few years ago.


There are a lot of burnt root trees on roadsides, seem there was a war here. The sun is shine and the cool air don't make any obstacles for us. We reach the checkpoint at 11:00AM.


At 12:00PM, we are in the top of Lao Than, the Lao Than peak. What a pure air and a mighty scenery, look at those landscapes below! From Lao Than, we can see Bach Moc peak and those Nhi Co San mountains, most famous mountains on Northwest!


This is one of the most challenge from myself and end my 2017 in glory! But it would be better if I meet "the cloud" on the way to Lao Than peak, what a beautiful scenery if Lao Than is surrounded by cloud. I thought just was a cloudy day but there was a sunny day, and then.. I got a tan skin!

See you Lao Than, on another most cloudy day!

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