Moc Chau - The mountainous ethnic minority kids

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Moc Chau, the town has every special and different scenery from every months. Apricot blossom goes, plum blossom comes. On my journey this time, we will enjoy plum blossom at Na Ka, the plum valley.


From Thung Khe after having lunch, we keep going a head to Van Ho, Son La before arriving Moc Chau. Van Ho is also a beautiful place, reminds me of those ethnic minority kids playing on the seesaw, rolling and surrounded by the beautiful pinky buckwheats. But I don't have enough time to visist here, then see you at another time.


We arrive to Moc Chau at 6:00PM, our rest place is Nha Ta Homestay, at 53 Tran Huy Lieu street, also the main road in Moc Chau. This is one of the best homestay with the dreamlike beauty, those triangles mini house staying behind a small stream. We rent a dorm room for 3, with the price is 80k/person/night.


Nha Ta Homestay also have a small cooking fire from the garden corner, suitable for family or group of friends who want to have BBQ outside, enjoy the fried forks and feel cool air of Moc Chau, that's so wonderful!

We start moving to Na Ka on the next morning by Google map and local villages. Naka is called the valley of plum, nearing Moc Chau about 10km. Riding on the small way to Na Ka, there are many another plum blossom areas but we still want to be in Na ka to have our joyful in there.


And then, we are in Na Ka. One of the interesting thing is about those ethnic minority kids with the papoose on their back, surrounding with smiley faces. My experience is about not to give them money because they can be bad, instead of giving candies. Walking with them, take some pictures as our Na Ka memories.


Those white plum flowers in blossom, dyeing all the valley in white that we cannot see each other. Lost in Naka, lost in Moc Chau, in a cloudy day and a cooling air but that is enough for us to have one of the best memory. Touching to the flower, touching to our heart!

Leaving Na Ka to continue our journey, to Ta Xua but I know one day I will back to Moc Chau, on the nearest day, to have those beautiful moments on another seasons with Moc Chau, those flower blossom seasons!

Saving every step on my new place to a memory card - The memory card of life. And let me show you what I saved to that memory card💙


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