Mu Cang Chai - Warm sunlights spread on a yellow season

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Till the third week of September, the terraced fileds from De Xu Phinh village, Che Cu Nha, La Pan Tan and especially Mam Xoi become gold colored, those triangles make a specified color of Mu Cang Chai town.


I have to wait for a year until this time to have the best time go explore Mu Cang Chai, to enjoy the brilliantly beauty on each field of terraced by my own, to know about Vietnam, to see our young.


We start our journey from Ha Noi after a night landing from Wednesday, meet up our team after 6 months and say hi to our new members although it is midnight. We stay a night from Ha Noi before leaving on next early morning.

It's such a long journey by riding motorbike from Ha Noi to Phu Tho then to Yen Bai, and from Yen Bai we will go until the end of Yen Bai to reach Mu Cang Chai, we have a date on here.

I meet you on a sunshine day
My wandering foots make us meet together

We start at 7:00AM after breakfast, heading to the North of Ha Noi to go to Phu Tho. There is a waypoint with a great view is Thanh Son hill tea, on the main road from Yen Bai to Son La. Look at the hill far away making our young become burning.


From Yen Bai territory, we will pass the Khe pass, a new interesting thing is about the paper village from both sides. This is the first time catching this so we will stop by, take a look and take some pictures.


In Yen Bai, there is one of the "Big four passes" in Vietnam, the Khau Pha pass. With the length about 30km, a lot of extremely bends, we are crossing in the fog and the cold air to go to Tu Le.


Finally we arrive to Mu Cang Chai at 6:00PM and sunset. We rent a hotel near the market, having dinner and talk together about our feelings, prepare backpack for tomorrow.


Morning in Mu Cang Chai, wake up from another place far away, we have breakfast pho and feel the air from here, take a inhale, look at the slow rhythm of ethnic life, I'm very appreciated.


Starting from La Pan Tan on the sloping way, put your eyes on those terraced while riding and choose a waypoint to stop by, talk to ethnic villages and take some pictures.

I remember my experience about taking the papoose from a female ethnic group, try to carry them with but just like Sun Wukong with a ton of mountain on the shoulder and hard to step, that is one of my best memory.


With Google map and information from the villagers, finally we can come to Mam Xoi, one of the symbol of Mu Cang Chai and then.. there are too crowd. The Mam Xoi Hill is famous for the unique shape of terrace rice fields. It’s considered to be the most beautiful terraced field in the Northwest. There is a terraced valley with a small river on the bottom, what an incredible scenery!


There are many female and Mong ethnic kids with their specified costume, selling those anniversary gifts. I can see inside them a simple, good-natured, homely and experienced. I also have a talk with them, record some videos and take some pictures with my new sweetie ethnic friends.


Mu Cang Chai terraced fields are the first rice field from Northwest that I visit, a beauty that different from another beauties I've ever seen before, everything is saved on my heart. I will miss this place, those obstacles of journey and those most beautiful things. Now time to say goodbye Mu Cang Chai and start my next chap of journey, see you next time Mu Cang Chai on the nearest day!

"Saving every step on my new place to a memory card - The memory card of life. And let me show you what I saved to that memory card"💛

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