The Northern European Hill - Falling into the fog

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Between Mai Chau town and Tan Lac town, Hoa Binh province, one interesting thing of Da Trang pass is surrounded by fog and cloud all year around, like a snow area with a vaporous scene. That's really a Northern European hill in Vietnam!


In this journey of Moc Chau - Ta Xua, I have a chance to visit the Thung Khe pass or Da Trang pass, structured by limestone and with an incomplete exploiting. This area is wrapped by a white and when you pass through this when it has fog, you will see the incredible and miraculous scene, same as the Northern European pass. Actually I had a change to pass before but last time I came here on the night so then I couldn't see anything. But from now, Thung Khe pass is listed on my schedule.


One of the interesting thing is about most of those places I visited, they didn't have to many people in there. And now is the same, just a few people here with some.. cow. Today the fog is heavy, I'm hard to go a head and what a good feeling to explore.


Walk around the floor, I can imagine about this area is a little bit large, we cannot see far above because of the fog. Okayy let's take some pictures first and start moving up.


Follow a small way to go up, we can reach a small area and from here, we can have better view of field, what a white! A secret revealed: This is also the place where Bao Anh singer made her movie.


I realized that the more I go traveling, the smaller me from the world. I had many chances to go somewhere, enjoy many new beautiful places and now Thung Khe in a foggy day also has a different beauty. Taking a lunch break here, surround in a cooking fire, enjoy the favor of violet corn, bamboo-tube rice, smoking-shelf buffalo meat and between the vague smoke, everything becomes moreish.

And then, we keep going on our journey, for our next dating place: Moc Chau!

Saving every step on my new place to a memory card - The memory card of life. And let me show you what I saved to that memory card💙

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