Pha Luong - Cloudy on the peak

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Pha Luong peak with over 2000m in height, far away from Moc Chau town about 30km, called the rooftop of Moc Chau, located on the border of Viet and Laos. The way to submit Pha Luong only have slopes, gloomy and there is no light.


Ông trời cho mình ngày trước ở Mù Cang Chải nắng đẹp, đến ngày sang Mộc Châu, Sơn La lên Pha Luông thì mưa to, cuối cùng lên đỉnh thì toàn mây và mây. Không chiêm ngưỡng được vẻ đẹp kiêu hùng của nó 🙁
Trải nghiệm một ngày thách thức giới hạn để chinh phục đỉnh núi, một đêm sống tại bản miền núi, mặc đồ tộc và ăn cơm tộc. Quá mệt nhưng vui lắm!

We arrive to Moc Chau, Son La from Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, you can read the article about Mu Cang Chai here. This is one of the longest way we have to go, about 250km and almost day for moving. At 7:00PM we are in Moc Chau, having dinner on my way and stay on a stilt house.


Rainy! 4:00AM and it's rain, I'm worry about the way to Pha Luong village become wet and even for climbing. But luckily at 6:00AM the sky stops raining, cold and gloomy. Anyway we have to start our journey right?

I remembered the fish noodle soup, finish a bowl on that weather, drink a cup of hot tea is a good experience before starting to Chieng Son. We mixed with another group to have 10 members group.

Pha Luong frontier territory has a very low safety because of the drug smuggling on triangles area. People said about "Morning at 8, afternoon at 5" because you can clash the scammer, so be careful!

The way to Chieng Son is very bad, no one living on the side, just a few houses on the way. We arrive to the meeting place with a local ethnic kid named Pao, he will guide us to Pha Luong village, the waypoint to start climbing.

So shock! Actually the way 14km from Chieng Son to Pha Luong village is the most terrible way I ever had on my life. There are too rocky and wet, very hard to overcome. Some rough paths we have to come out and push the motorbike up, or the slippery paths make us can't move, always fall over. One of the moment is a member falls into the hole but thanks god he is still okie.

We try our best, hold the handlebar tightly to arrive the checkpoint house in Pha Luong village, other members complain about their hands because of holding, those things never happened on the city.

From here, we have a short break while me and another friend come to the frontier post to declare the form. There is an unrevealed story that I cannot share but always in my mind.


The sky is foggy and cloudy, the way to Pha Luong is not easy with the high angle slopes and slippery. I dont remember how many time I fall over even my boost is one of the best type for climbing.


On the only one small way going up to Pha Luong peak, the first path is crossing over some hills to reach a tent - the first waypoint. From this point we will start the 2nd path going through the forest, lights are lower and just go ahead. I'm glad to see my new friends as 2 kids: a boy and a girl selling water along our journey. I'm impressed with their move, very light and flowing. We talk together and sometimes I buy a water when thirsty. Ahh! There is a yellow dog goes with us, so cool!


From the lash path to Pha Luong peak, there is a handcrafted ladder to go up, light is brighter and we will be in a big white rock, that is Pha Luong peak area. Although I'm almost exhausted but try my best for every step to finish, to see the turtle head Pha Luong by my own.


Whooo! Standing on the turtle head Pha Luong peak, cloudy over 2000m below is not the problem with its mighty beauty. Not many people dare to come to the turtle head, swinging in the wind and look at the sky. With me, there is no limit, just go ahead and conquer the destination.


We turn over to enjoy that place carefully, remind together about safety. This is the first time submit a Northwest peak, from a non-safety frontier area but just go ahead because that is the fervor of young, the feeling of conquering!

For the way back, there is actually a torture for us while holding our foots to avoid falling. As the same way from the beginning, I don't remember how many times I fall over. Sometimes I take out my boots to slide faster as my way to go because it's really hurt.


I intend to go back to Moc Chau on this afternoon but the way back is too hard and slippery and we have to stay there a night, having dinner on a ethnic house and sleep on the mezzanine. I ask him about is there any clothes that I can wear and he tells me just to the the closet corner and take some. We are laughing out laugh because of the funny style I wear, the crotch reach my knee. There is no light here, no internet, everything discover through a small light on the head.


Morning, we take back our papers and go back. Crossing the way 14km is still the problem with us but a little bit easy because we known about. Whoops! No problem and it's okie and now we are heading to Loong Sap border port, the border port of Moc Chau.


We finish our procedures to visit Laos, visit those stalls, buy some Laos's redbull and have lunch in there. That is a funny time!


Everything goes to the end, we ride back to Moc Chau after filling energy. And then start moving 180km from Moc Chau to Ha Noi.

Life is a collection of beautiful moments, I'm not afraid of going to discover more interesting things. To every night in future, when I close my eyes, there are a lot of beautiful memories of young flow out on my mind, the have the stories can share with my friends, to my posterity!

Pha Luong - See you again!

"Saving every step on my new place to a memory card - The memory card of life. And let me show you what I saved to that memory card"🖤


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