Buu Long Pagoda - A peaceful day in suburb

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Buu Long Pagoda, placed on a hill from the West side of Dong Nai river, passing through the forest with some scary but when you come here, there is a little bit surprised because of the large campus and the architecture hybrids from Thailand and India.


On a nice Sunday, me and my mother decided to visit Buu Long pagoda, not too far from my house. From Thu Duc crossing, heading to the end of Le Van Viet street, then turn left to Nguyen Xien street and pass through a long forest to stop at no 81. There we go.


Located on the West of Dong Nai river, surrounded by a high forest, there is not many people living here. But with the special architecture of Buu Long, there are still many visitors come here to visit.


I got surprised with the color tone of this pagoda, the yellow-white as Thailand style, mixing with India style. Most of the carving are meticulous, not only the corner but also the front. You even have a good view from the garden.


Another day with another style with my mom, that is!

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