Suoi Nghe Sheep Hill - A day in a black sheep

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Not too far away from Ba Ria, there was a lost hill that people started herding sheep, those beautiful sheep. And on a nice Sunday, we have a chance to visit Suoi Nghe sheep hill, gather sheep together and to become a black sheep, not bad right?


Far from Ho Chi Minh about 70km, this sheep hill based on a lost and waterless hill from Suoi Nghe, Phuoc Tan town, Ba Ria province. From the past there was no one usually came, but when people started herding sheep, this place became hoter and famous. Via social media, many young people or couples from Ho Chi Minh visit this place to take some beautiful pictures and wedding pictures.


When I come here, it was a beautiful day, the sky was so blue and there was not too crowd. What I was surprised and interested that those sheep with black and white fur were very daring in taking foods from visitors. Sometimes when I have corns, I was stolen before taking picture with. Awww!


I dont mind if I can mix with them as a black sheep from Ho Chi Minh, feeding them and save those moments. Even there is so smell but too fun because this is one of my new experience, so interested!


For the ticket price is 50k VND/per, don't worry bout the car park because there is large enough for you to take a park. After that, you can have lunch with cake soup is not a bad choice. Have a nice weekend with your family and your friends!

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