The Scarlet Sage - The orange iridescent

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Those days, in a chance quickly catching a bus from Sai Gon to Bao Loc, after Vietnam football team won the quarterfinal match of U23 Asia Football Championship. Then I got stunned when I saw a real Scarlet Sage House, the orange iridescent.


On a Phuong Trang bus departed to Bao Loc on 0:00, nothing on my luggage excepts a monopod and a gopro. I were in Bao Loc at 4:00AM and moved to my relative brother.

There was a long time no see, we had time to talk together and had breakfast, took some coffee before leaving to my place: a Scarlet Sage House.


Following Google map and my prepared information, I moved to near around Thanh Tam Loc Phat church, far away from the starting point about 5-6km. There was a small lane that I don't remember, just passed about 2 or 3 houses then I saw a large yard surrounding an impressed house: a roof with a brilliant orange color.


With the permission of the house's owner, I let the motorbike neatly on a corner and came near the house, there are 2 more another couples taking picture. Maybe this was the memorized house of the owner, made by wood and there were no people living here. At the pillar from the side, there was a big big scarlet sage tree leaning against the pillar and spreading on the roof.


On the first day of year, the scarlet sage flowers were blooming with a brilliant orange. This should be a full of vitality tree that made those massive flowers on the roof like that. I was stunned for a long time, watching and enjoy this moment, the pure scarlet sage flowers.


This was one of a chance in my life that I enjoyed the most special moment like that. Don't need to travel far away while in Vietnam, there are many beautiful places to go.


With me, those moment standing below this beautiful house was the slowest moment in my life, made me be in peace, go away from the busy life on city, to have a smallest and simple life, a peaceful life.

Naturally it's hard to find the right person, but now for the place I love, can't?


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