Tan Lap Floating Village - Secret from frontier area

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Tan Lap Floating Village, Moc Hoa town, Long An province, an ecotourism area over 60km from ho Chi Minh. A secret melaleuca forest from frontier area, those bendy small ways inside the forest and without sunlight. There are an incredible attraction!


We visit Tan Lap floating village on rain season, the black water below the way, collection of those leaves at the bottom, a few sunlight that make a mysterious scenery. Follow the small way insides the high melaleuca forest, we start exploring.

What's a mysterious scenery!


There is not a sun day, no sunlight inside the forest, passing through those leaves of melaleuca and those bends is the curious felling because we don't know the end, just go ahead.


In this season, there are a lot of water hyacinth and algae that filling full the lake. One of the best time to visit here is October. Maybe October is my month, so anything is beautiful.



Choose the black tone for me is for more mysterious, talking with the paddie lady from a boat riding tour, hear about those weird stories from this area, that is amazing! And don't forget to take some pictures!

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