Linh Quy Phap An - Sunrise in a fairyland

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Last November, when I had just finished my project and everything went to the end, me and my team decided to have a trip on Bao Loc, to explore a new fairyland called Linh Quy Phan An


On the Phuong Trang bus departed from Ho Chi Minh to Bao Loc at 0:00AM, I was in Bao Loc at 4:00AM, the silent time what people was still sleeping.


Although I had contacted to my brother before but I still had a little bit unease while moving to his house at that time. Okie take a break before starting our journey.


5:00AM, we started moving directly to the mountain, hope we can be there before sunrise. Today the weather has few humidity but no rain, looks it good.

We came to the foot of mountain and from now, the journey has begun. There was a small cement lane about 0.5m and we were carefully to ride on this way, passed those sloping way to reach the Linh Quy area, so touch! Look at my hands holding tight the handlebars and control the breaker.


5:30AM at dawn, there was a twilight from the East with a little sunlight. Not many people around me, just about 10 people. But.. look! There was a sea of cloud, incredible!!


Walked around the Linh Quy area, on a cobber stone path, go up to the main yard. A beautiful sight flushed my eyes, the sunrise made the sea of cloud more clarity. Standing on that place and look at the end of sky:

Woooh! This is the fairyland!!


I got stunned and standing there for a long time to see my first beautiful moment of cloud, looking far away while the sun was raising. Even though I went to many beautiful places before with its own specified beauty, but now. It was exceeded my expectation.


That was a luckiest moment, I think so. Many people came here to catch this moment but couldn't. My chance!

A day in Saigon as another days when your life is rolled to the busy life, not many people take their time to have those moments like this, to make your mind hold on, to release your spirit to the natural and enjoy the masterpiece of mother natural. And I am, living in the most beautiful days of my life!

Linh Quy Phap An - The most beautiful days!


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