Vung Tau Malibu - Swimming time

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It was such a long time not come to Vung Tau, this time I come back to Vung Tau on a project Smartphone journey - Changing technologies, new project of my company. We have a funny time with our team building and also have a relax swimming time, refresh ourselves at Malibu, Vung Tau.


Malibu in Vung Tau is not a bad choice for summer on June. Located on the back beach of Vung Tau, not to far and there are a lot service points around.


But for me, Malibu swimming pool is enough. WIth a great view, beach chairs around and brilliant lights through blue water. Take a swim, talk to my friends and cheer, there are most beautiful times.


And one more thing I like is about the dressing room, setup by those mirror reflecting, my feeling lost to a matrix. There, lets take some pictures in here.


In the main hall, there are a warm low light mixing with the color of floor. I love the flawless then surely I will take picture here.


Malibu - Not a bad choice, isn't it?

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