Thien Hung Pagoda - A charity day with good people

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Thien Hung Pagoda, one of the famous place in Binh Dinh, not about a long historical story but about the saving place of relic of Gautama Buddha and leading by Venerable Thich Dong Ngo.


On the Independent Day of Vietnam, people usually find another places for vacation with their family or friends but i'm not. I have a chance with charity and it's good, so I agreed with our team to have a charity trip on Binh Dinh, a place in Central of Vietnam.


Three days co-traveling with Thien Hung group, we visited and gave gift at:
- Tuy Hoa lazar-house
- Dong Tam orphan house
- Song Ngang psychiatric hospital
- Hoai Nhon psychiatric hospital


We started at Thien Hung pagoda, this is the new modern pagoda with a largest campus in Binh Dinh, located on Nhon Ly town, far away from Quy Nhon city about 30km. A long our journey, we will follow master Thich Dong Ngo to visit, donate and give our gifts to orphan kids and patients.


I greatly sympathize towards those unlucky life and cherish my life. Very appreciated when I visited the lazar-house, seeing those patients without limbs, coudn't do anything.


Or when I visited the psychiatric hospital, saw those psychiatric kids without future, in the deepest of my heart there is a biggest sympathy. Cherish your life, cherish what you have when you are having enough.


For this trip, I had a lot of feelings. It is not about the travel value, it is about humanity and human culture. It is the peaceful in my mind, a special chance and and a honor.


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