Kontum - The breath of high mountain and thick forest

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Kontum, called as another second Dalat, beyond the cooling air as Dalat, there is another breath - Breath of high mountain and thick forest.


I come to Kontum on those last days of year. With a cool weather, maybe this is a good time to visit Kontum, to explore the cultural identity of Highland.

On a bus departs from Ho Chi Minh, we are in Kontum coach station after 12 hours staying on bus, just realize the cooling of the air, the characteristic of the Highland. And the journey starts from now.


We have 2 days to explore Kontum. From my schedule, the first day is for the Northeast, the Mang Den ecotour and the second day we will follow the Ngoc Hoi town to reach Indochina border checkpoint of Vietnam - Lao - Cambodia.

Here is the list of places that I will visit:

– The Wooden Church
– Kon K'lor Bridge
– Cultural house Kon K'lor
– Hue Chieu Pagoda
– Diocese of Kontum
– Mang Den Eco-tourism
– Indochina Border Checkpoint

Wooden church Kontum, this is the unique wooden church in Vietnam with over 100 years old, all wooden architecture style and western decoration style with black and dark brown color, time flies but still standing right. I come there at the early morning, there no one and it is good to look at the church with a full view. Don't forget to visit this place!


One of the specified thing in Kontum is about the house with a very high roof called Rong house, a traditional communal house, a iconic of Kontum. All activities of the village take place at the village's Rong House, especially festivals, meetings, ceremonies, weddings….


Behind the Rong house is the Kon K'lor suspension bridge – the biggest bridge in the province, lies on the Dak Bla river and surround mountain, highlight with a yellow-orange color. Riding along the bridge to the other end, to enjoy yourself among the natural.

A Kontum with colorful of Central Highland!


From Kontum, I start moving about 60km by motorbike and head to Mang Den, a large and plenty ecotourism in Kontum. I have to cross a long way with bends and pine forest from both sides. Mang Den is a truly astounding destination with some small streams, get lost in the forest and listen to the sound of waterfall. Ahhh! Don't forget enjoying the fried chicken!


The most interesting thing is about from Mang Den side, you will cross over many territories have the name starts with Kon such as Kon Ray, Kon Chu Brai, etc.. But for the second day, you will be impressed by the places start with name Dak as Dak To, Dak Ha, etc..


Diocese of Kontum, a long year old building by wooden, walking along those frangipani trees, a peaceful moment.

On the night in Kontum, people go to bed early, actually about 8-9PM they almost close the doors. I only can visit those big coffee shop to enjoy drinks and talk to my friends.


On the second day, we prepared carefully for this because of the long way about 100km to Ngoc Hoi, a frontier territory. Also riding on the Ho Chi Minh historical road, the blood line in the past.


Me, my friends and some new Kontum friends are on this trip, we have some related friends on frontier system then not too hard to pass the border gate. Having lunch on Laos with some Laos beer with friends, this is the first time I pass the border and enjoy drinks from Laos.


Then we move to the Indochina border checkpoint. Before arriving, there is another checkpoint: the 790. About the Indochina border checkpoint, this is the crossing border from Viet - Lao and Cambodia, a place where a people also hear the crowing from rooster. Actually this is not a beautiful place but this is valued about history and with me, everything news belong to Kontum, I still want to explore.


Okie stop riding on the foot of border area, we have to climb up about 500m on the stairs to reach the checkpoint. The sun is shine and nice to have a good pictures. This is one among another border checkpoints I submitted but it has a little special. There, I conquer 1/2 three nations crossing border point.


Two days in Kontum are not enough for me to explore all Kontum but enough to visit and know about the highlight places of Kontum, to know more about the culture of Central highland. Hope in another nearest day, I have a chance to visit again, to explore the beauties that still hiding deeply on the forest of Mang Den, or living a local life in ethnic minority villages.

Goodbye Kontum!


"Saving every step on my new place to a memory card - The memory card of life. And let me show you what I saved to that memory card"🖤


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