Phu Yen - The Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass Landspace

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Phu Yen is the 36th province I visit, the yellow flowers - green grass landscape becomes hotter with the same name film, but till now I have a chance to visit Phu Yen.


Bai Xep - Film studio of "I see the yellow flowers on the green grass"

Before my trip about 2 weeks, Phu Yen actually is the most stranger place in min mind and I do as the way I used to: Paging all information about Phu Yen by myself and my Phu Yen friends. And now Phu Yen is the same as my home, familiar with those roads not only Tuy Hoa but also those another towns of Phu Yen.


A view of Mui Dien

And now, we start our Phu Yen journey!

How to go to Phu Yen?

11 hours on a hurried bus from Sai Gon to Tuy Hoa, 200k ticket price and jammed like sardines from the last aisle of Phuc Thuan Thao bus, because of the appearance of the 9th member: a Boss named Bo.

Twilight on 5:30Am we arrive to Phu Yen landscape, a little cold because of the tropical low pressure and a funny words "Oh, are we at Phu Yen?" Seem we still dont understand what happened.


Coastal fishing village

Phu Yen where to stay?

We move on the shuttle bus to The Local House - A homestay recently opened in month on Tuy Hoa. First impression is about the small dimension but plenty and convenience, you can take a look on this picture below. Dorm 8 is the best choice for us.


Local House Homestay, a best place to stay

Phu Yen where to go?

In 2 days, our crazy team visited those places:

  • Hoc Ram lake
  • Mui Dien
  • Nhan Tower
  • Bai Xep
  • Ghenh Da Dia
  • Mang Lang church

Those are the most beautiful places from Phu yen, and will be perfect if Phu Yen didn't treat us by a tropical low pressure, made the tide coming in and clean out all the green moss from Xom Ro, and the second thing is we dont have enough time to visit Ong Cop bridge, the longest wooden bridge in Vietnam.


Hoc Ram lake, a stranger place

Hoc Ram lake, the place which not many people know about, in Tay Hoa and far about 25km from Tuy Hoa, a part of lake is built for agriculture. To come to Hoc Ram lake, we passed a small way about 5km between the green rice fields, and then near 500m trekking in the forest before arriving the lake. No one there except us, the grey sky made everything become more mysterious.


On the peak of Mui Dien

Mui Dien or Mui Dai Lanh - Used to the first place watching sunrise in Vietnam. Standing on the windy peak of Mui Dien, those heavy wind can blow you down and up with a circle above head. We have those impressed pictures here.


A 6 stars team with boss

Nhan Tower - A tower with the specified structure heritage of Cham village, located on Nhan moutain. This is the easy place to visit because it is in the Tuy Hoa city and we can ride into. Nhan tower in the afternoon is cooler with fresh air, the sky is more blue because the tropical low pressure came out. From the moment we visit, there is a ceremony of Cham village, stop by and what those interesting scenery.


Bai Xep - The most familiar place in the segment of "I see the yellow flowers on the green grass" movie of Victor Vu. We visit here on the 2nd day of our trip after 20km to Tuy An. Bai Xep in my opinion is not dreamlike as on the movie because there are to many visitor visited here. The hill is still laying there, those rocks, but not many green grass. Walking on the windy path, those cactus are still proud on the sun.


Ghenh Da Dia

Ghenh Da Dia - If we talk about Phu Yen, we have to talk about Ghenh Da Dia, the unique seashore place with the uniformly interlocking rock columns, the beautiful wonder of natural. I wonder that why do those rock column can located regularly like that. We don't have enough time here, then take pictures with team hurriedly then move to the next place.


Mang Lang church

Mang Lang church - The church with gothic style where to hold the first book to be printed in the modern Vietnamese script. From Ghenh Da Die to Mang Lang church is not to far but we still lost, and when we arrive to Mang Lang church, we know why. From a small way hiding by those big trees, with the instruction of local villagers then we can arrive to Mang Lang. Time flies but Mang Lang is still standing there with the ancient, looks like it was not affected at all by time.

Phu Yen what to eat?

In my team, there are alot of members with infinity stomach. Except me, the rest can solve by eating. Cuisine in Phu Yen is also various, we enjoyed most courses in 2 days. Boiled pig Banh Hoi, fried pancake, fish cake noodle soup with chives, dry noodle, waterfern cake, fisheyes ball tuna, etc..

And now, let's start!


Boiled pig Banh Hoi

Boiled pig Banh Hoi: We have breakfast on homestay with this course to have a good schedule. Price 20k/persion.


Dried noodle

Dried noodle: Likes dried folk noodle on Sai Gon, but different in the fever of meal. 20k/bowl.


Squid fried pancake

Fried pancake: has squid in there then different from the traditional way but we still try for the local food. 18k/plate


Fish rice noodle soup with chives

Fish rice noodle soup with chives: "Hey! Give me a bowl alot of chives but without fried onion" Delicious and cheap! 12k/bowl


Fisheyes ball tuna

Tuna fisheyes ball: Don't ignore this course because of the fever and delicious, enjoy the stew fisheyes ball with the Chinese medicinal herbs, blowing my mind! 40k/plate

Transportation price:
- Bus from Sai Gon to Tuy Hoa round trip: 400k
- Local House Homestay: 145k
- Motorbike rent: 100k (50k/person x 2 days)
- Bai Xep ticket fee: 30k
- Ghenh Da Dia ticket fee: 25k
- Fuel: 50k (divide 2 members)
- Foods: 300k (For those cuisine above)
- Mis: 20k
Total: 1060k for 2 days trip in Phu Yen

Phu Yen in my eyes is there, now I know where to go, what to eat and where to stay in Phu Yen. But there is one thing that I cannot complete is about learning Phu Yen sound, seem I need more time in Phu Yen to do this :(

There, that is Phu Yen, everything I saved to my memory card, for the 36th province. And maybe in future after I conquer all Vietnam provinces, or a special day, I have a chance to come back. Hmm I don't know!

See you later Phu Yen <3

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