Pleiku - The heart of mountain town

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One day on June, another time for taking the odd number of boxes on a betrothal ceremony, but now is from Pleiku, a place in mountain town. Whereby I have a chance to explore Pleiku, explore the hidden beauties of that mountain town, the beauty of poet mind.


The journey to Pleiku this time is very touch because of sitting on the car about 11 hours continuously, my neck almost broken. The weather is also not good, welcome us by a rain.


Actually I don't have much time to explore all Pleiku because I need to finish my work for my sister's betrothal ceremony. Then I decided to visit some highlight places such as sea lake Pleiku, Minh Thanh pagoda or Great Union Square.


On the way to the sea lake, there are pine forest from both side and follow the sloping lane to come to an area like a small island. As people said that from here, we can see the splendid sight at the sunrise, fresh air and peaceful landscape


Pleiku sea lake also called T'Nung lake, formed on an oval-shaped crater of an extinct volcano with many legend related to. This is a big gem of the Highland. The blue and clear water of the lake is the reason for it to get the nickname ‘Pleiku’s Eyes’.

Pleiku Sea LAke - T'Nung Lake, named Pleiku's Eyes


Rời biển hồ, tụi mình di chuyển về phía Tây Nam thành phố, để ghé thăm chùa Minh Thành. Là ngôi chùa có quy mô lớn và kiến trúc độc đáo nhất Tây Nguyên. Khuôn viên rộng cùng với phong cách cổ Nhật Bản mái chóp điển hình, từng bước ở đây thời gian như chậm lại, gạt bỏ những bon chen bộn bề công việc.


In main hall, there is a 6m long and 1.2m high Buddhist altar, behind a big majestic gate. Follow this way we can visit the back yard of Minh Thanh, where the tower located.


There is an interesting thing is this time I visit Minh Thanh, the sky is blue and a little sunshine for a peaceful and restful moment.


There, although Pleiku is small but there are a lot of valued moments saved on my mind!


Saving every step on my new place to a memory card - The memory card of life. And let me show you what I saved to that memory card💙

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