My Year 2018 – Best places of the year

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Hello everybody, this is me again! Today I will show you a short article about those best places of last year that I visited. Every place has its own special beauty, a special color and a way to appreciate, let's enjoy!

1. Bai Xep:
– This place is not new to most people right? This is one of the scene from the movie "I Saw the Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass". Walking along the cliff beach, in the green grass and the rustling waves.


2. Binh Chau Seaport:
– One of the new place for most people because of the way to reach this place. Built in one of two seaports from Binh Chau beach, at the end of the landscape then not many people know the way to come here. It took me about 1 hour by catching the boat and pass through a forest. This is the place some couples decided to take wedding pictures.


3. Ma Pi Leng Pass:
– This legend passes is the king of pass in Vietnam, located in Ha Giang, between Dong Van and Meo Vac town. Ma Pi Leng is called the king of passes because the danger, mighty and most difficult of access. From Ma Pi Leng peak we can see the Nho Que river, mountains on the view and the cliff deeply.


4. Mu Cang Chai:
– Mu Cang Chai terraced fields on September are wrapped by a brilliant yellow wings, dissolving with the sunlight and making a charming beauty, for everyone who stop by here. I slowly rode my motobike on those sloping ways in La Pan Tan or Mam Xoi to enjoy that brilliant moments on a West - Northern high moutain by my eyes.


5. O Quy Ho Pass:
– One of the 4 kings passes of West - Northern, O Quy Ho has the highest danger because of always in fog and dangerous bends, but unintentionally making a beautiful corner of West - Northern moutains.


6. Pu Luong Retreat:
– How do you feel about waking up from a place far away from your home, open your eyes and see till the end of the sky, those green rice terraced field far away. This is one the the beautiful scenery, the beauty that make you forget anything. One of the best place preferred on 2018 and most young people in Vietnam are hunting this place to enjoy the feeling of waking up from a new and far place.


7. Twin Towers Quy Nhon:
– Located on Quy Nhon city then it is not too hard to find this place. One of the work of art, a cultural and artistic heritage from Old Cham people life style. Different from the climate of the North, the climate from the Central is hot, even in the sunlight and the wind.


There are a lot beautiful places but in another article, I will share them to you. Byeeeee!

Saving every step on my new place to a memory card - The memory card of life. And let me show you what I saved to that memory card💙

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